Code Rocket® for Eclipse (32-bit versions)

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Code Rocket Eclipse has been replaced by Code Rocket Professional for Eclipse.

Code Rocket Professional for Eclipse includes our Code Rocket for Eclipse and Code Rocket Designer products and is available for C/C++ and Java.

Code Rocket Eclipse is a code visualization and documentation tool designed to reduce software development time and costs. It supports the Java programming language and integrates with Eclipse (see Code Rocket .NET for C# and C/C++ support and Visual Studio integration).

Code Rocket Eclipse consists of two design views: a Pseudocode Editor and Flowchart Editor. The pseudocode editor displays procedures in plain English. The flowchart editor displays a diagram of the procedure control flow. Both design views can be edited and are synchronized, meaning changes in either one are automatically reflected in the other.

The pseudocode editor and flowchart editor are available in the Code Rocket Designer and as an Eclipse Plugin.

In the stand alone designer the design views are used in conjunction with our project browser. The combination of these make it possible to browse and edit procedure level designs for entire projects. This can be used to produce upfront project designs or, through a code import, inspect, redesign and document the contents of existing code files.

As a plugin the pseudocode editor and flowchart editor are integrated within Eclipse and synchronized with code. Simply select a procedure in the code to view its corresponding pseudocode and flowchart. Edit existing procedures within the code, or create new ones, and Code Rocket will automatically generate updated designs for these on the fly. Design changes can be made by editing the flowchart or pseudocode. These changes can be committed back into the code of the selected procedure; design updates result in updated comments as appropriate and skeleton code is generated for new design content.

Both the Code Rocket Eclipse designer and plugin provide documentation generation. Detailed project documentation can be exported in HTML , Word and PDF formats.


Feature Description    
Pseudocode Editor View and edit design using plain English. video
Flowchart Editor View and edit design using flowcharts. video
Code Rocket Designer Produce upfront design projects or import existing code files to document their contents. video
Eclipse Plugin Integration of pseudocode and flowchart views with Eclipse. video
Documentation Generation Produce detailed design documentation in HTML, Word and PDF formats. video
Java Support Produce design from Java code and generate Java code from design.    


Reduce software development time and costs.
Quickly create flow charts from pseudocode.
Design procedure algorithms without the clutter of code implementation details.
Thoroughly design entire projects upfront at the procedural level.
Simplicity of design views means they can be presented to and understood by people without any programming knowledge.
Generate skeleton code from procedure designs.
Produce detailed procedure level documentation on demand.
Code and design view synchronization results in up to date designs and documentation.
Inspect, redesign and document legacy code.
Seamlessly integrates with existing tools and development processes.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system.
  • Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) or later including JDT (32-bit only).
  • .NET Framework 2.0 or greater.

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Add automated Code Rocket design support for your build process!

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